From Simple But Not Easy

“The purpose of this book is simple: Extract the principles of the Big Book to help people understand the 12 Steps as explained therein, and then take those steps to achieve recovery from alcoholism.”

“For over seventy years the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous has offered alcoholics a solution to their chronic, progressive, and fatal illness. This solution cannot be found in fighting or quitting or any other human effort.”

“Many people abstain from alcohol for months, even years, by going to meetings, reciting the steps, and exchanging complaints about their lives with other abstinent people. For these people ‘not drinking’ is their only goal. But abstinence is only the beginning of recovery.”

“It is the Program of Action, particularly Steps 4 through 9, that brings about a spiritual awakening and recovery. Merely discussing the steps in meetings or in coffee shops with other alcoholics will not achieve this result. We have to act!”

“This small book offers newcomers, sponsors, and even long-time members of the AA Fellowship a new tool to identify and understand the basic principles of the Big Book. Once that understanding turns to action—taking the 12 Steps—a spiritual awakening and true recovery can be achieved by anyone.”

109 Pages, published by Spiritual Progress Publishing Company

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